“Paint Brush in hand—paints to canvas—pure joy!”

Bea started painting while living in Huntington, New York on Long Island’s north shore.

“Kylie in China” Oil on linen 20 x 24

She always had an interest in art and when her four daughters were all in school, began taking art lessons, painting abstracts in acrylics. It was the 70s and that was the hot art scene. Several years later she went in the opposite direction and began painting representational and Impressionistic still life and portraiture in oils, studying under Bill Kautz.

While living in New York, Bea and her husband Bob started taking their daughters into “The City” one Sunday a month to visit museums and expose them to the wonderful art exhibitions in New York City museums.

“Winter in Central Park” Oil on linen 20×24

Of course the girls would rather have stayed home and played with their friends, but many years later they thanked their parents for this early exposure to art.

She returned to college, earned a second degree and began her career in marketing and public affairs for both corporate and not-for-profit organizations. During those years she had very little time to paint and her love of art was limited to museum and gallery visits.

“Good Morning Sun” Oil on linen 18×24

After moving to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Bea became the Director of Marketing, Public Affairs and Membership for the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She held that position for ten years. It was a very exciting time to be associated with the Norman Rockwell Museum as the museum went from being a small house museum on the main street in Stockbridge to a world renowned museum located on a campus two miles from town. Norman Rockwell’s studio was moved to the site and his sons played an active role in grand opening ceremonies, which received national press coverage. She was also involved with promoting national traveling exhibitions in conjunction with other museums. She was also active in the Berkshire Tourism Bureau, served as a speaker at conventions and promoted the arts and culture in Berkshire County to national and international audiences.

“Autumn on the Potomac” Oil on linen 16 x 20

Bea and her husband Bob moved to Leesburg, Virginia in 1999 to be closer to family. Being semi-retired allowed her to return to her love of painting and she studied still life, floral and landscape painting in oils with well known artists such as: with Robert Johnson, Steven Walker, Peter Fiore, Maggie Siner, Trisha Adams, Sara Linda Poly, Antonia Walker, Kurt Schwarz, Ryan Bongers, Barbara Nuss, Ria DeWit, Kathi Scholz Fertig, Judith Thompson, Simon Bland, Fred Hetzel, Jean Kolb Grunewald, Robert Thoren and Sylvia Tyler. She has also taken private art classes and workshops.

Bea is a member the Loudoun Sketch Club, the River Creek Art Club and the National Press Club. She was also a member of the Board of Directors of Art Square where she took many classes and workshops. Bea has exhibited at the Art at the Mill Shows in Millwood, The River Creek Club Art Shows, Colonial Beach Art League, Tryst Gallery, The Loudoun Sketch Club Art Shows, The Waterford Fair Art Shows, The Student Art Show at the Loudoun Academy of the Art, The Oatlands Art Shows, Art Shows at Franklin Park and other local exhibitions. Her paintings are in private collections.   

“Friendship Flowers” Oil on linen 12×16

She is inspired by the work of the Impressionists and contemporary artists such as Steven Walker and Peter Fiore. She takes workshops with them whenever possible.

Bea and two fellow Sketch Club Members, Michelle Foster and Cindy Bridgman paint weekly at Bea’s studio when they are not traveling.



Bea has four grown daughters and five grandchildren. She is currently editor of Reflections, a River Creek magazine. Her New Year’s resolution is to devote more time at the easel.



Phone 703-443-9974