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Leanne Fink

Categories: Medium: Oil and Acrylic, Subject: Abstract/Conceptual, Subject: Landscapes

Contemporary artist, Leanne Fink, creates visually dynamic oil paintings that awaken the senses and move the spirit. On one level, her work delights viewers with strong shapes, a bold palette and textural elements. And yet, in that same moment, it reaches through to the heart of the art lover and demands introspection.

“My joy flows from finding that special spark of inspiration, then interpreting and recording it through oil painting. I draw inspiration from travel to places far and away as well as those that await me in the pastoral Virginia countryside. 

“The act of creating a work of art allows the viewer to see into the soul of the artist. They catch a glimpse of what the artist is thinking and feeling, and how they interpret their world. This can have a profound effect. I choose imagery that uplifts my viewer and offers them an oasis to rest for a moment and recharge. After all, art is for everyone to enjoy!”

Leanne is always searching for fresh perspectives. Without blinders or preconceptions, she explores new subjects that speak to her heart and embraces the unexpected directions they may lead. 

In the fabric of life, many threads are woven. Art has been a way of life and a family tradition since early childhood. Leanne earned a degree in fine art and pursued a commercial career as an art director. She began her own ad agency in the New York metro area. Next she embraced the role of art instructor for her children. After retirement from two decades in practice as a doctor of chiropractic, life has come full circle. She considers her return to oil painting a gift to be treasured every day.

Leanne is active in the DMV regional arts community. Her work has won awards in juried exhibitions and can be found in many private collections. Located in Loudoun County, Virginia she teaches privately from her home studio.