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Brie Dodson

Categories: Medium: Oil and Acrylic, Medium: Watercolor, Subject: Landscapes, Subject: Still Life/Florals

Brie Dodson is a realist painter who likes subjects with a certain sense of enigma. She especially enjoys painting fresh vegetables and fruits, juxtaposed with carefully chosen objects from her still life collection. She “paints small” because she prefers to focus on just a few simple elements in a composition, and finds elegance within those limitations.  Inspiration is as close as produce sections and farmers’ markets everywhere.

She also paints small landscapes of the Chesapeake Bay region and her Virginia home’s hunt country, along with portraits of the farm animals she encounters. They never fail to be full of character!

Among Brie’s artistic influences are Sarah Lamb, Adriaen Coorte, Pieter Claesz, Clara Peeters, and Vermeer. She has studied with David R. Daniels, Seth Haverkamp, Kurt Schwarz, and Elizabeth Floyd. She has also taken workshops with several of the above as well as with Sacha Mobarak, Robert A. Johnson, Sunnie Abrahamson, Rachel Collins, Sara Linda Poly, Maggie Siner, David Cheifetz, Katherine Stone, and Christine Lashley.

Brie’s work was featured in The Richeson75 International Small Works 2018 full-color, hardbound exhibition catalogue. Additional publications include “Gallery & Studio,” “The Living Church,” “Art and Christianity,” “ManhattanArts,” and more. Her paintings have been exhibited in New York City, Washington, D.C., and several states; and reside in various private collections. She is a former board member of both the World Bank Staff Art Society and the Fairfax Art League, and currently belongs to the Loudoun Sketch Club, American Women Artists, American Society of Marine Artists, the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society, the American Impressionist Society, and Oil Painters of America.

Some of her paintings have a spiritual aspect, “Other & Further.” Several of these are on permanent display at The Episcopal Church & Visual Arts website, and were exhibited at the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 2006. “Sacred Ground” won Best in “Future Visions” in the 2007 Masterpiece Elite Salon Art Contest co-sponsored by Masterpiece Artist Canvas and “The Artist’s Magazine,” and was displayed at the National Art Materials Trade Association convention in Chicago. In 2005, “The Soul Takes Flame” was presented at the Museum of Biblical Art in New York City.

A native Texan, Brie (rhymes with “Maria”) moved to Virginia during the Johnson administration. She attended the College of William and Mary, and has worked as a radio disc jockey, submarine field engineer, journalist, illustrator, and art director. Her family includes four sons, ages 19 through 38, and her husband, Tom, a classic car buff.

Brie Dodson

Brie Dodson is a realist painter who enjoys painting fresh vegetables and fruits, juxtaposed with carefully chosen objects.

Donna Robinson

Phone: 703-996-9356
Email: drobinsonartist@gmail.com
Categories: Medium: Oil and Acrylic, Subject: Abstract/Conceptual, Subject: Animals & Wildlife, Subject: Landscapes

Donna Robinson is a professional artist living in northern Virginia. Donna’s love for the arts became evident at the age of four with a passion for theater, dance, singing and fine art. Pursuing a career in liturgical fabric design and fine art she successfully created and displayed her work in over 15 states in the USA. She has traveled five consecutive years, at the invitation of the Israeli government to participate in Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles. Her creations have been on exhibition in the coliseum in Italy, in Washington, DC at the Capitol, the Russell Senate Office Building Rotunda and the Patriot Center at George Mason University.

More recently Donna has turned her creative energy back to her love for fine art in the area of oil painting. She has studied under well-known portrait artist Mary Reilly and several celebrated and renowned local artists such as Robert Johnson, Jonathan Linton, Sarah Linda Poly, Michael Davis, Kurt Schwarz, Trisha Adams, Maggie Siner, David Cheifitz and Casey Childs. Donna’s art varies from crisp realism to a soft impressionistic style. More recently Donna has been exploring abstracted works. She is not only an artist but a vivid storyteller as well. Her inspirational paintings reveal the beauty in both the simple and the complex. Donna’s creative efforts have received several best in show awards and first, second and third places. Her work hangs in both private and corporate venues.



Creativity is a magnificent gift from God. I was created to create! Painting takes me down a marvelous path of adventure and discovery. Beauty inspires me. From the simple to the complex I do my best to reveal what I see and share that with my world.

Donna Robinson

Donna’s oil paintings vary from crisp realism to soft impressionism to abstracted works.

Kim T. Richards

Categories: Find Instructors, Medium: Drawing, Medium: Oil and Acrylic, Subject: Landscapes, Subject: Still Life/Florals

Most artists will tell you they have been drawing and painting since they could hold a pencil, and Kim T. Richards is no different. She grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and was fortunate to have many opportunities to visit the many wonderful museums in New York City at a young age. She attended Parsons School of Design as an illustration major. At that time, the illustration department focused on the traditional drawing and painting skills which laid the foundation for everything Kim has done since.

After college, Kim worked for more than 25 years as a textile designer. In the early days of her career, she used gouache (opaque watercolor) to hand paint her designs. Gouache is still an important sketching material for Kim, and she considers it her “thinking medium.”  Eventually, computers became her main design tool, and Kim began to miss her paint. She enrolled in weekend acrylic painting classes at a local art center, and painting quickly became an obsession. Eventually, Kim left her textile design career to devote herself to fine art.

Membership in the Loudoun Sketch Club introduced her to the joys and challenges of painting outdoors. Acrylic paint tends to dry too quickly outdoors, so Kim learned a solvent-free oil painting technique, and now uses both acrylic and oil for her work. Kim likes the immediacy and ease of using acrylics, but also loves the textural qualities and richness of oil paint and continues to work in both mediums.

Kim’s work can be seen in juried art shows, and private collections throughout the United States.  Kim teaches painting and drawing classes at her studio in Leesburg.

Kim T. Richards

Kim T. Richards is known for expressive, cheerful oil and acrylic paintings featuring landscapes, gardens and flowers

Leanne Fink

Email: lee@leannefinkart.com
Categories: Medium: Oil and Acrylic, Subject: Abstract/Conceptual, Subject: Landscapes

Contemporary artist, Leanne Fink, creates visually dynamic oil paintings that awaken the senses and move the spirit. On one level, her work delights viewers with strong shapes, a bold palette and textural elements. And yet, in that same moment, it reaches through to the heart of the art lover and demands introspection.

“My joy flows from finding that special spark of inspiration, then interpreting and recording it through oil painting. I draw inspiration from travel to places far and away as well as those that await me in the pastoral Virginia countryside. 

“The act of creating a work of art allows the viewer to see into the soul of the artist. They catch a glimpse of what the artist is thinking and feeling, and how they interpret their world. This can have a profound effect. I choose imagery that uplifts my viewer and offers them an oasis to rest for a moment and recharge. After all, art is for everyone to enjoy!”

Leanne is always searching for fresh perspectives. Without blinders or preconceptions, she explores new subjects that speak to her heart and embraces the unexpected directions they may lead. 

In the fabric of life, many threads are woven. Art has been a way of life and a family tradition since early childhood. Leanne earned a degree in fine art and pursued a commercial career as an art director. She began her own ad agency in the New York metro area. Next she embraced the role of art instructor for her children. After retirement from two decades in practice as a doctor of chiropractic, life has come full circle. She considers her return to oil painting a gift to be treasured every day.

Leanne is active in the DMV regional arts community. Her work has won awards in juried exhibitions and can be found in many private collections. Located in Loudoun County, Virginia she teaches privately from her home studio.

Leanne Fink

Contemporary artist, Leanne Fink, creates visually dynamic oil paintings that awaken the senses and move the spirit.

Libby Stevens

Email: libbystevensart@gmail.com
Categories: Find Instructors, Medium: Drawing, Medium: Oil and Acrylic, Subject: Landscapes, Subject: Still Life/Florals

Libby Stevens is an award winning painter known for her richly colored landscapes of Loudoun County, Virginia. She creates her works in pastel and oil and has taught private and group lessons for over 15 years.

Libby received her formal art education at the Tyler School of Art from Temple University in Philadelphia where she majored in metalsmithing and jewelry arts. In 1992, after her career as a jeweler, Libby discovered her true passion in pastel painting. Her husband, Jack, surprised her with lessons under Margot Schulzke, She was immediately hooked on pastel’s vibrancy and range of luscious colors, stating, “It is an amazingly versatile medium that allows for so many different effects! ”

Through the years, Libby has remained vigilant in learning the latest techniques and investing in her skills by studying with master painters such as Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Margot Schulzke, Maggie Siner, Robert Johnson, Steven Walker and Kurt Schwarz.

Libby Stevens

Libby Stevens is an award winning painter known for her richly colored landscapes of Loudoun County, Virginia.

Penny Hauffe

Phone: 540-270-5232
Email: pennypaint@hotmail.com
Categories: Find Instructors, Medium: 3 Dimensional/Sculpture, Medium: Drawing, Medium: Mixed Media/Assemblage, Medium: Watercolor, Subject: Abstract/Conceptual, Subject: Animals & Wildlife, Subject: Landscapes, Subject: Portraiture/Figurative, Subject: Still Life/Florals

Born in Namibia and educated in England (BA Oxon and Diploma with Honors from the Gemini School of Illustration), Penny Hauffe is a world traveled and celebrated painter and sculptor living and working in Leesburg, Virginia, USA. Her commissioned work has appeared nationally and as far away as Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Germany, France and the UK. Inspired by bold colors, beautiful lighting, contrasting textures and the wonders of nature, she creates two and three dimensional artwork for public art spaces, businesses and private clients using a wide variety of media. One of her greatest joys is sharing her passion for art with her group and private lesson art students.

Acrylics, oils, watercolor, graphite and digital are the primary media in Penny’s two dimensional artwork. She is particularly inspired by animals, wild and domestic, scenes from her travels, theater set painting and design, chalk festivals and quirky illustrations with a humorous touch. Her paintings can be seen at galleries in Loudoun County, VA, and group shows throughout the tri-state area. Please, contact her for a list of current exhibitions and mural locations (indoors and out).

Kinetic or static, abstract or representational, indoor or outdoor, large or small, Penny’s sculptures span the gamut of three-dimensional shapes, media and theme. Working most recently in wood, Di-bond, plexiglass, stained glass, and castings made from her clay sculptures , she also enjoys up-cycling found materials and presenting them in uplifting forms. The ever-growing sculpture garden at her home studio houses many of her larger works.

Penny Hauffe

Her goal to bring beauty and humor into our everyday lives, Penny Hauffe works in a variety of media, 2-D and 3-D.

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