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Sangeetha Mudumbai:  Art by Self-Study

by Michael Potashnik

April 2024

Sangeetha Mudumbai is a relatively new member of the LSC. An accomplished artist, she joined in 2022 at the suggestion of a friend.  Unfortunately because of health problems, she has been housebound for many months and has been unable to participate in  LSC’s plein air paint outs.  Happily, however, she believes in the therapeutic nature of art and has wasted no time developing her career as an artist.   In fact, she has been highly productive producing many fine works of art in pastels, acrylics, oil, and other media at her home studio in Ashburn.  Having visited her for this article, I was most impressed with the quality and diversity of her work. 

Born in India, Sangeetha relocated to the United States in 1999 and began a career in Information Technology.  At that time, art was only a hobby as her focus was on her family, but three years later, she decided to devote her time and energy to art on a full-time basis. 

 While she has an appreciation for all forms of media, including acrylic, impasto and watercolors, she mainly works in oil and soft pastels. Through self study and experimentation, she acquired sufficient expertise in soft pastels to be juried into the Pastel Society of America (PSA).  This was a noteworthy achievement given the PSA’s rigorous selection process and that Sangeetha had learned  to use soft pastel on her own, without attending any classes. The magnificent painting “The Wave” is one of five painting she submitted to the PSA for certification and it reveals her love of nature.