Loudoun Sketch Club

Creating and Supporting the Visual Arts in Loudoun County, Virginia since 1944.

Penny Hauffe

Her goal to bring beauty and humor into our everyday lives, Penny Hauffe works in a variety of media, 2-D and 3-D.

Kim T. Richards

Kim T. Richards is known for expressive, cheerful oil and acrylic paintings featuring landscapes, gardens and flowers

Leanne Fink

Contemporary artist, Leanne Fink, creates visually dynamic oil paintings that awaken the senses and move the spirit.

Brie Dodson

Brie Dodson is a realist painter who enjoys painting fresh vegetables and fruits, juxtaposed with carefully chosen objects.

Libby Stevens

Libby Stevens is an award winning painter known for her richly colored landscapes of Loudoun County, Virginia.

Donna Robinson

Donna’s oil paintings vary from crisp realism to soft impressionism to abstracted works.

Lis Zadravec

Lis Zadravec’s award-winning artwork, created primarily in colored pencil, expresses poignant human expression.

Cherie Taylor

Cherie Taylor is a pet portrait artist working in acrylic, colored pencil, graphite, and ink mediums.